From the cookbook of Josephine Low
Introduction to Minjmendaan
is Ojibwe for
"to keep in mind;
to remember"
Native Heritage
Minjmendaan, Summer 2003
In this issue:

100th Anniversary of Killarney's oldest hotel

Julia Peladeau of the Wapoose family

Michif: Unique language of the Metis people

News from the past:
Golden wedding at
       Killarney, 1899

Pilot rescues  
       fishermen from
       drifting ice, 1940

Remembering Killarney's Angel: Nancy Pitfield

The sad death of Andre Proulx

The Lourdes Gotto of St. Bonaventure's Parish

The Metis sash

Descendants of Ezekiel Solomon reunite

From the cookbook of Josephine Low

The sacred tree

Maple Syrup Candy

3 cups maple syrup
1½ cups sweet milk
½ tablespoon butter
Nuts or candied cherries optional

Boil three cupfuls of maple syrup with a cupful and a half of sweet milk and half a tablespoonful of butter for about ten minutes. At the expiration of that time beat with a spoon until the mixture is both creamy and thick. It may then be spread in buttered tins to cool or for the sake of variety the candy may be divided into three equal portions. One part to be served plain another mixed with nuts and the third with chopped candied cherries.

Maple Syrup Pie

1 cup maple syrup
½ cup water
2 tablespoons flour
Butter size of a walnut

Cook in double boiler, bake your crust then fill up with above custard. Cover with meringue made from egg whites.

Peach Marmalade

Fresh peaches        Sugar           Lemon juice

Peel and stone the peaches and weigh them. Allow three quarters of a pound of sugar to each pound of the fruit. Put the fruit into the preserving kettle and set at the side of the range where it will come gradually to the boil. Stew until tender and broken, drain off the superfluous liquid, add the sugar and cook steadily for 10 minutes more. Just before taking from fire stir in a tablespoonful of lemon juice for every pound of peaches. Take at once from fire and seal.
The recipes below come from the cookbook of Josephine Marie Low. She was a daughter of Jean Baptiste Roque and his wife Catherine (nee de Lamorandiere).

Josephine was born 26 March 1876 and married Charles Low in 1900.