From the cookbook of Marguerite Bateman
Introduction to Minjmendaan
Native Heritage
From Minjmendaan -- Summer 2002 Edition
So it would remain edible over the warmer months, everyone cured or pickled domestic and wild meat even after 1951, when electric power came to Killarney. The recipes below come from the cookbook of Marguerite Bateman. She was a daughter of Louis Roque I and his wife Mathilde (nee Labatte). Marguerite was born 2 November 1884 and married Thomas Bateman in 1902. 
is Ojibwe for
"to keep in mind;
to remember".
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40th Anniversary of road access to Killarney

After 127 years, the de la Morandieres regain Indian Status

News from the past:
   "Wilma Ann opens       harbour"

   "Lumberjacks             mourn greatest           bushman"

Carrying the mail to Killarney

Teachings of the medicine wheel

From the cookbook of Marguerite Bateman
The Killarney mail bus, circa 1940. 
Marguerite Bateman, 1954
Never Spoil Cured This Way Pork
For 100 pounds of meat take seven pounds of salt. Three pounds brown sugar, two ounces each saltpetre, red pepper, black pepper. 

Mix thoroughly. Remove all the bones from meat then rub with above mixture and set away on boards to draw. In three days rub again and if mixture is not all used up, rub it the third time. Hang up to dry. 

If Meat Rusts
Perhaps she keeps it in too damp a place. I had this same trouble and blamed it on a damp cellar where the meat was hung. I may say my neighbour fries pork and covers it in lard every spring. She keeps it in open crocks, not sealers. The top is covered with cloth and paper to keep out dust. As long as the meat is entirely covered with fat it keeps all right. However I do not do this myself as it is messy and I prefer the cured meat. Melted lard must be poured over the top each time meat is taken out. I trust this may be of help to someone. 

Pickle for Beef & Pork

For two hundred lbs. of pork or beef take
18 lbs. salt
3 lbs. brown sugar
1 lb. baking soda
2 oz. saltpetre
2 oz. ground cloves
4 oz. ground allspice
4 oz. black pepper
8 gallons water

Add sugar, spice etc while boiling. Pour over meat while the mixture is warm. This is an excellent pickle for preserving meat.