Answers to questions about the Parish,
from the Trivia Page

Who was the last couple married in St. Joseph's Church?           

Edgar Loosemore and Virginia Murray, in 1950.

Note: Although the name of St. Joseph's Church had been changed to "St. Bonaventure's Church" in 1950, the old church was still in use while the new church building was under construction.

Who was the first couple married in St. Bonaventure's Church?

The answer that has appeared here is "Elmer Beaucage and Viola Burke, in 1951". However, I have since found out that this information is incorrect. When I find the right answer, it will be posted here.

In what year did the original Lourdes Grotto (located on George Island, and restored in 1984) receive its solemn blessing?

In 1947 -- on June 6th.

In what year did Father McHugh, Killarney's parish priest from 1934-1957, celebrate his 25th Anniversary as a priest?

In 1957 -- on June 12th.

Which couples were married in the Triple Wedding of October 1935?

Charles Cook and Clara Tyson
Andy Tyson and Bernadette Solomon
Percy Tyson and Ursula Solomon

What became of the statue of St. Joseph that stood in front of St. Joseph's Church?

It was removed around 1950 and placed headfirst down a well on Nick Roque's property, located approximately 3 miles outside the village.