Answers to questions about houses, from the Trivia page

In what year was Joseph Roque's house (formerly the Adventure's Inn, now the Pines Inn) bought by the Sisters of St. Joseph?

In 1944. The sisters sold the house and left the community in the late 1970s.

Name two of the couples who, in the late 1940s and/or early 1950s, lived in the upstairs apartment(s) at Edgar and Virginia Loosemore's house.

                                           In the late 1940s:
                                                                                       Morland and Ruby Hebert
                                                                                       Fred and Martha Tyson

                                           In the early 1950s:
                                                                                       Bert and Velma Solomon
                                                                                       Laurier and Kay Low
                                                                                       Gordon and Jeannette Roque
                                                                                       Jimmy and Agnes Williams

Who originally owned Isadore & Marjorie Roque's house and where was it located?

It was originally owned by Dominic Herbert Roque, born in 1892 -- one of Isadore's older brothers. It stood at the corner of Charles and Paul Streets, where Glenna Roque's home is today.