Answers to questions about Hallowe'en,
from the Trivia page.

Whose hay wagon was taken apart, then put back together on the roof of the school one Hallowe'en night?

The hay wagon belonged to Vinnie Roque, born in 1896. He was a son of Louis and Mathilda Roque.

Who was the Town Constable at the time the above "hay wagon trick" took place?

The Town Constable at the time was Isadore Roque, born in 1908 -- Vinnie's brother.

Which two gentlemen hold the distinction of being inside their outhouses at the time a Hallowe'en tipping occurred?

Peter Solomon, born in 1876 -- a son of William and Catherine Solomon.
Alfred de la Morandiere, born in 1925 -- a son of Ted and Millie de la Morandiere.