de la Morandiere, Charles circa 1910

Baseball Team circa 1905

Beauvais, Margaret circa 1980

Bernard, William circa 1942 in Surrey, England

Band and Their Buddies circa 1932

"Girls" at the Sugar Bush

Herbert, Josephine & daughter Myrtle circa 1920

Jackman, Harry III ("Father Harry") circa 1947

Loosemore, Edgar circa 1942

Lowe, Reg and Jack circa 1900

Martel/Martin Family circa 1910

McHugh: Father Joe, ?, Father Vincent

Noble, Eva circa 1980

Paterek, Mary circa 1980

Peltier (Wawashkesh), Lawrence

Pilon, Noella circa 1980

Pitfield, Christina circa 1980

Pitfield, Christina, Ted, Margaret

Pitfield, George and Nancy

Pitfield, Leo

Pitfield, Marjorie circa 1980

Pitfield, Stanley

Proulx, Austin circa 1942

Proulx, John circa 1942

Roque, Basil circa 1980

Roque, Ferdinand (forefather of all the Roques)

Roque Sisters: Winnifred, Josephine, Evangeline

Sagima, Antoine and Family circa 1919

Skelliter, Clifford May 1942

Skelliter, John 1969

Skelliter, Lena circa 1980

Solomon, Joseph William circa 1910

Tyson, Adolph May 1942

Women's Institute circa 1920
Killarney Vessels

The A.J. Lowe

The Blue Fin

The Papoose

The Russell Roque

The Roger B

Lighthouses: West end, East end

St. Joseph's Church, Built in 1885


Winter Aerial 1949