Killarney -- Nature's Playground
From the Killarney Weekly of 13 July 1926:
Our Village
Killarney -- Nature's Playground

Killarney is situated on the mainland having no telegraph, telephone, rail or road connection to a fair sized city of distinction -- namely Sudbury. There has been years of discussion concerning a road from Killarney to Sudbury. "We hear" of a gentleman who went to Toronto a few weeks back to see the Public Highways Commissioner in reference to a road between Killarney and Sudbury. We threaten to advise you further of what we hear of his visit.

Killarney is the most picturesque village on the North Shore of the Georgian Bay and this fact prompts us to bring Killarney nearer to both tourists and adventurers who perchance are passing through or having a notion to be in or around Killarney, to inform them and they in turn inform their friends of what they see and hear. This will undoubtedly boost our fair community.
Killarney Weekly