The Mighty Lahaye
Alfred Lahaye was born in 1859 and married Mary Ann Heis on 16 June 1884.

The following story under the title Killarney News is from an old newspaper clipping. The newspaper and date of the story are currently unknown.
Killarney News

Mr. Alfred Lehay, who has always been held with considerable respect by his fellow citizens, on account of the vivid and accurate description he can always give of his adventures, did himself ample justice the other day.

He asked Mr. J. Noble to put him up fifty weight of cotton batten which he said was going to be used by his wife in the manufacture of quilts. Mr Noble on hearing the amount asked for was astonished, and inquired of Mr. Lehay if it was not 50 cents worth he wanted, for he told him it would require a wagon rack to carry it home. This remark touched Mr. Lehay to the quick, and he reminded his youthful listener that while once out on a hunting excursion he carried two of his exhaused companions a distance of fifty miles without allowing them to touch Mother Earth once. Continuing he said that he had on one occasion carried to the top of three flights of stairs a bed tick full of No. 1 wheat and held it on his back for an hour until the room was made ready for its reception. Mr. Lehay completed his narration by telling his absorbed listener that one of his little boys had once lost a knife through the cracks of the floor. The little fellow felt the loss so keenly that our hero went out and held up the corner of the building while the little fellow ran in and secured his knife.

Notwithstanding all that Mr. Noble heard, he still persisted in thinking that Mr. Lehay had made a mistake and that 50 cents worth was required instead of 50 lbs. The dispute was finally settled by Mr, Lehay returning home and inquiring more fully into the matter. He found out to this great dissatisfaction that he made a mistake in taking pounds for cents.
Killarney Weekly