"We Just Heard"
From the Killarney Weekly of 13 July, 1926:
"We Just Heard"
Wednesday night around 10:30 a tall fair good looking young man was seen walking up Main Street with two of our debutantes. We understand they parked (by that we mean rested) on Sunset Rock. We hear that just before their arrival at Sunset Rock one of our debutantes showed good form in bidding the gentleman and other lady "Good-night" which undoubtedly they were pleased to hear. We have been told by a very reliable party that this reliable party happened perchance to see that this couple in question were preparing to leaveSunset Rock pretty nigh 1:30 next morning.

"We Just Heard"
Our social reporter informs us that at a certain dance held at a certain home on a certain night of this week of a tall fairly good looking young man who seemingly had taken a hair cut for the occasion, escorted home one of the girls of our younger set who is not as tall and not as light in complexion and who is considered fairly good looking. At this particular dance there were many "I told you so" and "Don't they look well together when dancing". Also our reporter "heard" that this particular couple were having a tete a tete on the porch. Upon arriving at the young lady's home the young man immediately bid the young lady good night and was seen walking towards his homestead.

We just heard of a certain lady who was about to embark on a certain boat that sails on regular trips to our neighbouring town of Little Current, and when about to step into this aforesaid boat stepped into the cold cruel water. It wasn't very long before aid was at hand and this lady was helped into the boat. An onlooker, of which there are always a few when anything happens advises us that this particular lady complained of being thirsty before entering the boat and couldn't wait until she got in the boat to quench her thirst.
Killarney Weekly