The Dance
From the Killarney Weekly of 13 July 1926:
The Dance
A very enjoyable dance was given Thursday night by our band boys at the home of our Postmistress, Mrs. Loosemore. Most of the younger set were there in all their glad rags and although the evening was warm and close they all shook their dainty (?) feet to the tunes of the violinists Mr. Norbert Loosemore and Mr. John Proulx, who played excellent music. On account of the nasty weather there was no parking done upon the verandah or in any of our various lanes or shady nooks. Our temperance reporter tells us that although there was no rowdyism a few of the boys were feeling gayer than is usually their wont. Due, we understand, not to the wetness of the weather but due mostly to their interior wetness.
Killarney Weekly