A North Pole Farce
In the month of July, 1863, a party of eight men headed by a James McCormick of Toronto landed from the steamer Plough Boy in old Shebwaonaning (Killarney) with several horses, wagons, buggies, dogs, hand sleds, toboggans, harnesses for horses and dogs, and an immense lot of groceries and provisions, including "whiskey for medicinal purposes". They pitched their tents where now stands Mr. Charles Low's icehouse, and began to make extensive preparations for a long and perilous journey to the North Pole.

The party remained here nearly a month and made several trips to the highest peak of the Killarney Mountains, but no farther, and returned every night to their tents for a big time. They caroused most of the night to the sound of the fiddle.

When the whiskey was all gone, the North Pole was forgotten, everything was sold and the party left for other points.

From the writings of Father Julien Paquin, S.J.