Marine News
Excerpt from The Killarney Weekly of 13 July, 1926
Marine News
Our reporter interviewed Capt. McKay of the S.S. Michipicoten Friday afternoon and was told that the reason for his delay in arriving at the Port of Killarney was due to the heavy fog encountered by them en route from Owen Sound to Killarney. Capt. McKay also told him that no such delay will happen again as he has ordered and expects to receive next week a new invention from Czecho-Slovakia whereby he will be abl to defy fog or any inclement weather.

The S.S. Alexandra had perchance a little freight, which as usual is very little, to be delivered to Killarney and having to stop at the dock of our Rev. Father Paquin landed on bottom and for a while was unable to leave after delivering the freight. The captain of the S.S. Alex., not knowing anything about the new Czecho-Slovakia lenses, was unable to see the course ahead of him, therefore hitting bottom was forced to stop as he was unable to go ahead. Help was at once summoned for this distressed ship and Mr. Louis Roque a gentleman (pardon us) -- a pond netter nobly responded to the SOS call. But owing to the lightness of his boat could not even stretch the tow rope. Mr. Alf Beaucage, being on the scene and as usual with ready advice also made an attempt but to not avail. Stronger help was called for!! Would no one answer the call? A cry was heard!! Who will help? Many came! and advice was freely given which did not help the S.S. Alex. Suddenly a voice was heard, "I will save the Alexandra". All turned to see from whence came this call. Far off they could see the A.J. Lowe with its able captain and heroic crew coming down the channel. "I will help" the voice was heard saying, "I will save the Alexandra" and immediately the tow rope was tied to the S.S. Alex. "Good! Good! The Alex. will now be saved" came the cry from many throats. And no sooner had the tug started to pull the good ship Alex. than she was pulled out of her rut and sent upon her way. Everyone cheered and acclaimed the A.J. Lowe as the saver of the S.S. Alexandra.
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