writer unknown
The poem below was published in the Manitoulin Expositor on August 3rd, 1916. The writer is unknown.

The town of Little Current is but a wrinkle on the Hills,
Her sister, Collins Inlet, tis a pot pourri of mills,
There's a joke called Mindemoya, and a scream: McGregor Bay,
And a Paradise: Killarney, and a dream: Killarney Bay;
You have heard of Sheguiandah, the name is quite enough,
You've read of Gore Bay, Cutler, and a lot of other stuff;
They will point out all the marvels, as the steamer loiters past;
Take a tip from one who knows it: "See Killarney first and last."

I've been to New York city where the gables cut the sky;
I've roasted once in Cairo till I prayed aloud to die;
I've sniffed the breeze in 'Frisco and in gay Paree as well;
I have seen most every hamlet 'twixt Berlin, the Hague and H___
And I viewed them all delighted, the small ones, and the great,
There is a deal of real wonder wrapped in almost every state;
You can get the thrill of pleasure in almost any land;
They are all quite passing pretty, but Killarney's simply grand.

The Bards have always loved her since the days when poets sang;
Unto the Earth's last out-posts her wondrous beauties rang,
They only scratched the surface with a weak and futile pen
For you've got to know Killarney -- the Ladies and the Men.