The Campers Poem, 1934
The Campers Poem

Four young girls went camping
Down at Wincutching
They fished, and swam and sang old songs
Even danced the Highland Fling

Now listen while I tell you
About each one of us
It may, to you, seem pretty bold
But please don't make a fuss

The girls all know I'm kidding
And consider who it's from
'Twas done to pass the time away
So now my friends -- read on

The nuttiest girl is "Eta"
She's short, with eyes of blue
She can tell some pretty good stories
But I don't think any are true

The tallest girl is Lena
She's nearly five foot ten
She's very very popular
And surely is a gem

Then there's Olive, Lena's sister
She's a pal of Eta's y'know
She cries herself to sleep each nite
'Cause she's lonesome for her beau

The author of this poem
Is Lena's "bestest" chum
Her parents named her Charlotte
And she likes a lot of fun

We have some welcome visitors
One's tall and his name is John
He's a great big tease we very well know
But we'll miss him when he's gone

Then there's Clifford -- Lena's brother
And also John -- their Dad
They got caught in the storm that nite
But they said it wasn't bad

And Norma came down with them
She slept here too -- and say,
She ate our good old grub all up
So we left for home next day

So now you have the low-down
On these campers three and one
We may not be such very good cooks
But we're certainly lots of fun

Whenever you go camping
And need a guide or two
Just send word to the author of this
And she'll send a good one to you.

Charlotte Dorothy Hoyland
(nee Loosemore)
Wincutching August 1934
"Eta" -- Eta Savard
"Lena" -- Lena Skelliter
"Olive" -- Olive Skelliter, who later married "her beau" Alban Hebert
"John" (the "great big tease") -- John Sagima
"Clifford" -- Clifford Skelliter
"John" ("their Dad") -- John Skelliter
"Norma" -- Norma Roque (Pitfield)