Big Contest!!! Girls get ready. Pucker up your lips.
Excerpt from The Killarney Weekly, 13 July 1926
Big Contest!!!
                                                                 Girls get ready
                                                                                                                                                         Pucker up your lips

A kissing contest will be held next week. Prize winners will be rewarded highly. Age limits between eighteen and twenty-five. Applicants will please bring their birth certificates. No favoritism will be shown as the judges will be non-partisan. The judges will be Mr. Bill Currie and Mr. Bert Johnson and they have arranged to be at the disposal of each and every applicant provided they don't get cold sores. The time limit of each kiss will be nor more or no less than five minutes, and Mr. Bill Currie and Mr. Bert Johnson can always be found at any time in T.H. Jackman's.

This paper expects to run a prize winning contest of a different nature every week. Next week's Contest and the winner of this week's Contest will be announced in next week's edition.
Killarney Weekly